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    What is Trademark registration?

    Often the term ‘trademark’ is confused and misjudged, it is a basic soul identity of any brand. It is a simple procedure to register your business / project trade mark with the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which includes a detailed procedure with a lot of benefits in later stages. By this the holder of trade mark will receive exclusive rights to use his trade mark in business dealings related to products and services he is planning to launch in United Arab Emirates (UAE).It will be valid for 10 years and can be renewed by a minimal renewal fees if any person willing to continue the business / search.

    In this competitive world and competition, the trademark registration in Dubai of any company is an important facet and a company or business is recognized by its trademark. It is the front image of any brand or business and gives a person an opportunity to make it more public. By this a person gets a copyright of its product and enjoys liberty is doing business in freestyle. The brand will be protected by United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws and can be challenged if anybody tries to fiddle with the brand affairs.

    Eligibility Criteria for Trademark Registration

    There are always certain conditions in the light of any country policies on which they are offering any facilities. Though , United Arab Emirates (UAE) is welcoming the applicants at the same time they are imposing some restrictions in shape of a criteria which is formulated in tabulated form below:

    Important guideline before applying for it

    Key Insights

    Some important points to be noted for facilitation and to avoid any inconvenience at later stages in terms of time and money.


    of the trademark is not a lifetime gift. It will be of 10 years and will be renewed after 10 years with a fee.


    of the trademark licence will only be within the boundaries of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and not authorised outside the boundaries.


    trademark is a mandatory process and the entitled will renew it after 10 years from the ministry portal , and late submission will be faced with a fine of AED 1000 per month for late fees.


    will be done on request from the applicant, a fee AED 1500 will be charged for cancellation.

    Benefits of Trademark registration

    To attract and make trademark process easy and facilitating, some benefits are offered or an applicant will get it after completion of registration process.

    It will protect the soul identity of your business / brand / company by giving it a shadow under United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws. By this the government will give additional security to your business / brand / company or your product or services.

    United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws will protect its credibility and sponsorship. HA Group Business Setup Services, your top choice for simplifying processes,

    United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws will provide the shield from persons having ill designs to tarnish your brands image.

    Making it a legal trademark will give it protection under a shelter to avoid any mishap in later stages.

    Nobody will be allowed to use your brand or product in an unauthorised manner or violate any code of conduct related to the product.

    By a legal way to approach your business by using a trademark , your brand will be well recognized in different classes who are more concerned about the branding background to have a loyalty effect on your business.

    Trademarks of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are well recognized worldwide and become a booster for your business.

    Having a brand name with a logo will develop a trust between owner and customer, and a long term relationship is built which will help in business development.

    Trademarks will help in improving the marketing and development of business among the competitors.

    It will enhance the reputation and goodwill among the society if with hard work the brand gets famous, in later stages affiliated parties will approach themselves to get linked with your brand and business.

    It will overall increase the creditworthiness of your business / brand in later stages to get worldwide recognition.

    Last but not the least it will earn you more and more for what you aimed for.

    United Arab Emirates (UAE) commitment to trademark

    UAE is providing a strong framework to facilitate the applicants and offering them with smooth trademark facilities. Somehow or the other it will boost the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy. The well fabricated laws encapsulates:

    • Law defines the word ‘Trade mark” as a legal binding on the owner to follow the rules and guide them all along through the procedure to facilitate them till its termination.
    • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched different initiatives to guide the applicants about the hassle free procedures to attain the required trademark.
    • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has a penalty system for those who do not abide by the rules related to trademark or in any way tries to affect the trademark reputation.

    Process to apply for Trademark in UAE

    Application is a process which requires patience, because it will take at average 90 days to get the trademark activated by all the legal authorities. Form filling is a 24/7 process and applicants are accepted 24/7 to facilitate them in a better manner.

    Approval for any specific product require control and examination will be processed via the minister and it can be delayed for some additional days.

    1. Online application:

    To start with the process, one has to fill an online application form. The technology and enhanced systems of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will assess the application and enter it in the queue of applicants. It is a hassle free process and not much time consuming. The application to be filled with detailed analysis as it will not be reverted by any means any submitted amount will be wasted.

    One should be clear before applying and fill all the prerequisites so that to avoid any hinges in later stages.

    2. Assessment by United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Economy:

    After receipt of online application next step will be assessment of the application by United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Economy. The minatory will process it through scrutiny and ensure every submitted document is in correct form. They will either approve it, ask for missing documents or ask for any modifications or reject it due to any anomaly. It will take approximately 30 days for the process to be completed. Keeping in view the world profile and open opportunity many ill people will also be attracted to avoid them at initial stages. The assessment system is strict and time delayed to get a proper analysis of the person applying for a trademark.

    3. Public Announcement:

    On receiving a green signal from the Ministry, the trademark will be published in the official gazetteer of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and two prominent new papers for recognizing or anyone to claim on that trademark if any. The Ministry will ensure any copyright objections by anybody to be addressed timely so that the trademark will be adjusted in the given time frame. The announcement is well calculated and all the legalities will be covered so that in later stages no fraudulent activity can be played with the holder of the trade mark.

    4. A Window for Feedback:

    Meanwhile after publicising the trademark, the publisher will allow the objections to arrive in the current month. If no one raises the objection the final fees will be paid and no objection after that time period will be entertained by any authority, giving it a legal status to launch your trade mark in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    5. Documents receipt:

    Upon successful registration all documents will be received to proceed with the legalities, list of affiliated goods, copy number and valid certificates related to trademark.

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