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    Health is an asset and its importance comes active when we see something unusual in health. In normal life we feel casual about it, but this asset is the focal point in anybody's life. All emotions, life style, way of life, relations, one way or the other linked with it. In the end what matters is perfect health not wealth.

    Health insurance plans cover all types as per the person needs and requirements to protect his assets may it be property, health, wealth in bad times. HA group Business setup services is a dedicated experience Firm which facilitates the applicants to choose their requirements, needs and cover them all in insurance policy. Their team will guide the applicants in detail keeping in view their vast experience in the field of industry and skilled global market.

    They are committed to providing with relaxed mind by knowing the value of your assets and their importance. Being a prominent service provider, loyalty and relationship is the main arm.


    Being a versatile service provider, they provide reliable service in every field to facilitate the user and help them in meeting their needs and requirements. Following services are furnished below to further elaborate them in detail:

    Auto Insurance

    Keeping in view the importance of mechanical transport, the insurance plans are molded as per the needs so that the holder of insurance feel protected and secured from the monetary side.

    Third Party liability Coverage

    United Arab Emirates (UAE) looks after the humanity factor and their rights at priority. To avoid any financial consequences after the accident, which caused harm to other party is protect by this insurance policy. This has been smarty designed to legally support the holder of insurance and cover its financial liabilities in later stages.

    Collision coverage

    Road accidents are common when a car comes on road and sometime creates hazardous situations when some accident occurs. To protect the customer wealth and mental peace this policy has been designed for collision of your vehicle with some other vehicle or some object. Their dedicated experienced team accurately assess the damage value after the collision to cover your exact loss and compensation for mental relaxation.

    Teen Driver Insurance

    Due to globalization teens after receipt of license gets the driving silence but they are not experience enough to avoid accidents. To cater for this and keeping in view their health this insurance policy has been designed to specially look after the teens. Being expensive in nature many of them can’t afford it but taking them in special consideration special rates has been introduced to facilitate them at all stages.

    Comprehensive coverage

    A comprehensive and detailed policy has been formulated to ensure the monetary protection of any vehicle once subject to any accident , risk , loss , damage , theft and natural disaster. This plan gives the driver a relax peace of mind and make him at least calm in tense situations which may affect him if insurance of the subject item is not covered.

    By offering this plan the company make a bond with the driver of trust by which he / she gets satisfy and enjoy a peaceful journey or comfort.

    Health Insurance

    Health being the focal point of any bodies’ life is taken well into consideration. At time health issues are not addressed due to limited resources, these policies will help to facilitate them to save and protect lives. Following are varieties of policies to aid the recipients of policy:

    1. Individual and family plans

    • To protect the social fabric of the society whole package for family has been introduced to assist the families in providing protection as a whole. Company offers a versatile range of policies as per family requirements and needs. Best coverage will be offered keeping in view the suitability and demand of the needy.

    2. Group Health Insurance

    • Company offers diverse policies group health insurance health solutions to the companied who are interested in facilitating the employees. As the leading health insurance company their team will get through all the guidance and providing with best solutions to the insurance related problems.

    3. Prescription Drug Coverage

    • It is type of insurance which helps you in paying for the drugs. It is an additional benefit one can purchase for team, employees and labor. The policy ensures that the medicine is purchased when you are in a need of it and timely cured by it without any hustle.

    4. Preventive Care

    • This policy covers preventive care facilities. This is basically insurance for pre disease treatments when diagnosed before the actual health condition occurs. Policy covers annual checkups and vaccinations are a benefit other that the financial settlement of all the bill and expenditures. Team of the company will be proactively reaching out to the receipts of insurance policy for any objection, claim in any capacity.

    5. Emergency & Hospital Coverage

    • Any emergency or mishap can occur at any stage of life, to avoid begging for assist this policy is formulated in which hospital rooms, visits and stays are incorporated. Being unemployed or not able to pay the emergency bills this policy will look after the recipients and will be beneficial.

    1. Property Insurance

    • At average, once in a life time property is made and kept alive. Being a sensitive issue a well linked policy is made to protect the savings and financial conditions of families to be utilsed at later stages. Following are some plans to assist the population in protecting their life time saving :

    2. Homeowners Insurance

    • By this policy home and belongings are secured and protected from variety of risks, fire incidents, theft cases and natural disasters. It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended due to life time savings of any person converted in shape of property. In this policy building, contents and liability is covered and the owner loss will be compensated to the max to make him / her comfortable.

    3. Natural Disaster Coverage

    • Nobody can stop the huge natural disaster which specially comes in shape of earth quakes. But one can secure its property in shape of finance by getting it insured and this company facilitates the owner to protect houses financially in the face if any natural calamity. It depend on nature of your area that which type of coverage you require. Some areas will have flood and some will have earth quakes coverage.

    4. Liability Protection.

    • Sometimes the damages are claimed by other fall on your domain. To avoid being in that situation liability protection plans are formulated by the company to help the owner being subjected to addition fines and cases , This company reliable team helps the owner avoid these type of liabilities.

    Different Types of Insurance

    1. Travel Insurance

    • Weather the traveler is travelling for business or for any picnic this company offer insurance to protect luggage lost , cancellation in any plans and charges , and medical emergencies. Dedicated team will guide all the process when applied.

    2. Life Insurance

    • Taking care of all the finances after you passing will be covered in this policy keeping in view what plan you choose. It will facilitate the family is covering the financial gap and just after your passing the routine cycle.

    3. Business Insurance

    • Company various risk are covered in this policy from workers compensations to any lump sum liabilities, this policy plan is tailored to suit with businessman demands. This insurance company skilled team will manage to design a plan as per your requirements.

    Why Insurance service are essential?

    1. Quick Development

    The speedy growth in UAE life style and buildings demand for tough insurance solution and policies is increasing.

    2. Compulsory Health Insurance

    Some emirates in UAE made the health insurance a mandatory subject keeping in view their state health profile and sensitivity, they mean safety of the residents first without any other thing first.

    3. Promotion of well-being

    Peace of mind is main key point in every one’s life staying in UAE for sake of business or entertainment . Dynamic environment posed many challenges in shape of climate change and health, which are well looked after by insurance policies to avoid any sudden harm to the locals.

    4. Position as a business hub

    Being expose to global world the level of risk involve are high. Competitors from all over the world creates risk for each other in shape of sudden boos in any domain which are well secured by insurance policies.

    5. Distinctive Challenges

    The geographical peculiarities like sand storms, level of humidity poses several challenges which are best suited to be coved with insurance.

    6. Financial Security

    For a healthy life style finances are of very much importance it protect locals from unpredicted losses or events which may create un balance in any body’s life .With unemployment insurance its adds on a layer to financial security of the holder of insurance.

    Compliance with Local Regulations

    Strict regulation and laws abide the locals to get insured in all capacities to come under the umbrella of legal cover may it be documented or financial.

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