What is a golden visa?

Golden visa provides the opportunity to interact with a global market in the shape of hustle free visa and long term residency program, which UAE government has started back in 2019. It tends to attract all the stakeholders who can contribute to the progress of the UAE in any capacity.

It allows investors (public investors and real estate investors), professionals which include doctors, students, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and last but not the least for celebrities also keeping in view their contribution worldwideand granting 5-10 years stay with a renewable clause in UAE to give them all a chance to improve their life style and benefit the UAE economy in one way or the other.

Overall, on average the visa will cost AED 7000 but the benefits and opportunities it will serve are beyond expectation if a golden visa holder is a willing contributor.

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    Opportunities for followings

    1. Doctors

    Highly demanded and qualified profession, requirement of which is still in a boom worldwide. UAE wants to enhance its health care capacity with research and development modules by using skilled professionals all over the world and contribute to the UAE 's advanced health care system as a yield.

    UAE is investing on the healthcare equipment which will be utilised by the golden visa applicants and benefit the residents of UAE at the end. Doctors will be offered a 10 years visa with a special clause that they can apply freely without any restriction of sponsor from UAE to facilitate the process of welcoming best professionals from worldwide.

    Moreover in result the doctor will get the desired lifestyle which they endeavour. An average salary of 30000 Dirham is offered via different programs to attract the applicants.

    2. Students

    Students and knowledgeable people being the backbone of any society are proactively and with a thorough process reached out by the UAE government. They are adjusted in long term residency programs if they fall in basic criteria.

    From the beginning the knowledgeable persons are pulled out to induce them in the UAE system, which will later be a boosting factor for UAE as an overall package. The requirement to be admitted to different universities is based on your GPA / knowledge background. Application process and documentation is an easy process to facilitate young blood to have a positive image and easily pooled into UAE for higher education.

    3. Engineers

    To leap on the gap of technicalities UAE is providing an opportunity to all types of engineers from all over the world who are qualified from verified institutions of respective countries. More preference will be given to people having more than 5 years of experience to make it easy to maintain a merit list.

    Skilled engineers can contribute to the UAE economy by providing service of their skills and getting handsome pay to enhance their families’ lifestyle which they might be deprived of in their countries.

    4. Celebrities

    UAE acknowledges the art family by also considering the celebrities to avail the same level of opportunities and contest their abilities among world talent. UAE offers respectful visas to all celebrities for their contribution in making a world strife by providing entertainment even in hard times.

    Celebrities who are willing to apply must have a clean record and a consistency in respective domains as a proof of their credibility. Award certificates by verified institutions will be cherry on the top for the applicants applying for golden visas.

    The celebrity must have a stake in the UAE by owning real estate valued at AED 5 million or investing AED 10 million or above within the country. Recently, Shahrukh Khan (Indian celebrity), Muhammad Ramzan (Egyptian Actor), Eliss (Lebanese singer), Sanjay Dutt (Indian Actor) got their luck activated by getting a golden visa and enjoying the opportunities being offered by UAE.

    Benefits of Golden Visa

    The Golden Visa offers a vast range of benefits which are appealing and reasonable to trade with. It offers a wide range of advantages to improve into a high quality lifestyle by any applicant category.
    It is a great opportunity for those who want to live, work and enjoy without any restrictions less the restrictions imposed by UAE law which comes in humanitarian and respectful domains.
    Following are some of the prominent benefits which will be offered to golden visa holders and make them self-independent in their conduct and dealings.

    Extended residency duration

    The offer is not limited to the primary holder / primary applicant of visa. This offer spread to the family member of the esteemed golden visa holder. These benefits cover the spouse, children, parents to make the visa holder comfortable and mentally secure in giving his best in the respective profession. Golden visa will ensure the healthy lifestyle is enjoyed by the recipient of the golden visa.

    Flexibility in residency

    Like several countries the UAE golden visa doesn't restrict the golden visa holder to stay in UAE for any minimum period keeping in view the flexibility in living styles of visa holders. Though it is a resident visa, it gives an air to the visa holder to feel free to roam and exit with his will, giving him more confidence and independence.

    Gateway to Business ventures.

    UAE being the central global market provides a platform to anybody willing to get launched in any capacity by its diversity and globalisation. All world markets converge in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, so it will be a platform for the visa holder for business opportunities, investments and socialisation for future endeavours.

    No requirement for a national sponsor.

    Separating the barrier between the applicants and the government, the UAE government has removed the clause to have a sponsor and pay huge amounts one way or the other to buy sponsors if real sponsors are not available. It gives direct passage to the applicants to directly communicate and apply for the desired category.

    Financial and ownership perks

    The new golden visa policies grant the golden visa holders to own the business and properties to feel the oneness of being treated respectfully and also increasing the tax collection profile in UAE. Initially no heavy tax on any business , property etc , makes it a heaven from the golden visa holders and provides them a chance to invest more , earn more and maintain the ratio of their investment.

    Elevated Lifestyle

    By giving access to a gateway to the global market, opportunities will knock on door steps without much effort which resultantly increase the financial capacity of the visa holder and he / she can be benefitted by earning a handsome amount for families.

    From the highly top class health care system and safety measures and the outclass education system The families of golden visa holders can avail the desired lifestyle or can upgrade it by several means as per their wish and will.

    How to apply for a Golden Visa?

    If a person passes the qualification criteria of the respective category then it's 70% done to get the golden visa. Main effort is required to manage the criteria checklist and go green with the will to get the visa. Patience is the key before applying. Following is the procedure to apply for Golden visa which will be beneficial:

    1. Application Process

    • Before applying, take proper guidance on the subject and start collecting the documents as per the desired category. In Documents collection following will facilitate the applicant :
    • Get a fresh passport with validity of at least 6 months
    • Collection of fresh passport size photographs to be snapped as per Golden Visa Applicants standards.
    • Get health insurance proof, which is non-negotiable in getting a golden visa.
    • Gather a fresh bank statement to prove your financial stability to get settled in Dubai. It can be a bank statement from your concerned bank.
    • For business / investment golden visas complete the investment / business documents as per the checklist to streamline the visa application process.
    • Complete your professional credentials and get them verified for higher authorised authority on which you will be applying for a golden visa.

    2. Document Submission

    • Next process will be the application submission. All the documents will be submitted via the online UAE applicants site. Make sure all your documents are complete and verified to avoid any delay in getting the golden visa.
    • Next will be the application assessment process. UAE officials will deliberately scan your application and evaluate it to draw any conclusion regarding your golden visa. This process will take time due to its sensitivity and at this point patience is the key as already mentioned.
    • Next step is Biometric and health check. After getting a green signal from concerned citizens regarding your golden visa application biometrics and health checks will be done to assess your suitability for staying in UAE.
    • Last is a Visa Grant. Clearing all the procedural checks, you will be granted an esteemed golden visa. Tenure of this visa will depend upon the category in which you are applying in, generally ranging from 5-10 years (renewable). Granting you the access to the gateway into the new world.

    Final Thoughts

    Dubai offers different visas that include people from all over the world. Some include the visa types for the skilled person while some include for the persons from different professions. Overall, Dubai offers easy ways for the people to get through their visa process and get a better place over there on the basis of the visa.

    If you are looking for the skilled visa application process, then this article will be better for you in the application of visa.

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