Buy An Existing Company In Dubai

Starting from scratch isn’t the only way to start your entrepreneurial journey. Buying an Existing Company in Dubai can help you take the plunge. Setting up a new Business in Dubai can be daunting because you must consider many factors and legal processes to make your company functional. However, buying an existing company is less risky and more convenient than starting from scratch. Our team of experts at HA Group – Business Setup Services in Dubai knows what sources to trust when you want to reap the benefits of an existing/shelf company.

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    How to Buy An Existing Company in Dubai?

    You have two options while starting a business in UAE. Either you will set up a new company or Buy an Existing Company in Dubai. When you buy a company, you take over an operational business generating cash flow and profits. A ready-made shelf company is the best choice if you are a foreign investor with time constraints and want to bypass the tedious registration or incorporation process. Our well-versed business advisors at HA Group will assist you in acquiring the right company in Dubai. While buying an existing company, it is essential to know the business climate, the legal aspects, and the best-suited company trade license you want to purchase. Before purchasing, you must check the company’s economic and financial background.

    Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Just Realign It!

    You can choose an existing company anywhere in UAE, including mainland and free zone shelf companies. From finding and evaluating the right business to closing the transaction, we’ll walk you through the process, so you know what’s coming.

    Select the Structure

    The limited liability company is the basic business structure in Dubai. Entrepreneurs can also choose private or public partnerships to buy an existing company in Dubai.

    Change the Business Name

    A ready-made company comes with a trading name. However, future owners can change it before starting business operations.

    Prepare the Documents

    Like any other company setup, a ready-made firm is registered with the Articles of Association. As a buyer, you need to present personal identification documents to initiate the purchase process of a shelf company.

    Legal Ownership

    The ownership transfer of a ready-made company is done after the submission of all the legal documents. Once the process is concluded, you are ready to Business Setup in Dubai. We also represent investors in this endeavour.

    Transfer Bank Account

    After going through the legal process of acquiring a shelf company you need to transfer the bank accounts from the previous owner to the current owner. It enables a smooth financial management of the company.

    Start Entrepreneurial Journey

    Once you are done with all the legal proceedings and company acquisition process. Now its time to pave a path towards brighter and prosperous future.

    Seize the Benefits of an existing company in Dubai

    Efficient & Cost Effective Solution

    The process of buying a ready-made company is swift and affordable as compared to start a new company.

    Easy Access to Capital & Credits

    Your potential customers and investment resources are more likely to prefer an existing firm than a newly launched business. The company will also have more access to credit lines, leases, banking relationships, and investment capital.

    A Smooth & Hassle-Free Process

    You don’t have to go through a lengthy process and a long waiting period for the new Company Formation in UAE. Buying a shelf company enables you to participate in commercial borrowing or real estate agreements as a well-established company.

    Established Customer Base

    An existing company is already operational and has a good customer base. That is why they will continue to buy goods or services. It is relatively easy to continue the supply of goods and services to the business and fulfill customer needs.

    Trouble-Free Agreements

    Some UAE government bidding processes want a company to be operational for a certain time. Buying a ready-made company allows you to participate in such auctions.

    Effortless Documentation

    A documented track of continuity and business activities of an established company enables you to build your brand. The processing of Business Visas and company documents for the organization members also gets easy for an existing company.

    Kickstart Your Business In A Flash