Business Setup in Dubai

Whether you're looking to establish your venture on the mainland, leverage the advantages of Freezones, or explore the benefits of an offshore jurisdiction, we have you covered. From trade licenses to office spaces, HA Group is the best choice among business setup consultants in Dubai; let us guide you through a seamless and efficient setup process while ensuring compliance and strategic advantages for your business.

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    HA Group offers expert assistance in Mainland Company Setup Dubai, providing comprehensive solutions for Company Formation in Dubai Mainland, registration, licensing, and compliance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free establishment process.

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    HA Group is the no one among business setup companies in UAE that facilitates the seamless incorporation of companies in various Freezones, guiding clients through the specific regulations, benefits, and advantages each Freezone offers, enabling them to operate with 100% ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified customs procedures.



    With HA Group’s expertise in Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, clients can enjoy maximum privacy, asset protection, and tax efficiency. They navigate the intricacies of Offshore Company Registration in Dubai to establish secure and compliant entities.

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    Office Spaces

    HA Group provides tailored office space solutions, ensuring clients find the ideal Luxury office space in Dubai to suit their operational needs and budget while assisting with leasing or purchasing procedures.

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    Business Trade License Dubai

    HA Group assists in obtaining the necessary trade licenses tailored to each client’s business activities, streamlining the legal process and ensuring full compliance with Local Regulations.

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    Buy an Existing Company

    HA Group offers guidance and support in acquiring existing company in Dubai, helping clients identify suitable acquisition targets, conduct due diligence, negotiate terms, and complete the purchase smoothly.

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    Setup a Holding Company in Dubai

    HA Group aids in forming efficient holding structures, providing clients with strategic advantages, such as centralised management, tax optimisation, and risk mitigation, while supporting them through every step of the setup.

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    Thinking of starting a business in Dubai/UAE? Let us guide you from the beginning. Our team has deep knowledge of “business setup in UAE “. We’ll help you build your business from scratch. First, we help you choose your business activity. Next, we get the necessary license and help with all important formalities to ensure the successful formation of “business setup companies in UAE.” There are three kinds of business licenses in UAE: Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore. Each has its benefits. Knowing which is best for your business is key to making the most profit. By choosing us for your company setup in UAE/Dubai, you’re taking a step towards making your business goals in Dubai come true.

    Document Compilation

    New "business setup" documentation can be overwhelming. Whether you're an international investor or a local entrepreneur, we're here to streamline and expedite the document preparation and submission process for your business in the UAE.

    Securing a Business License

    Acquiring the proper business license is pivotal for your UAE business launch. At HA Group, we work diligently, leveraging our expert "business setup consultants in Dubai," to facilitate swift legal approvals and set your company up in the optimal location.

    Visa Proceedings

    HA Group boasts a dedicated wing for visa application and documentation within the UAE. Our team diligently handles visa-related tasks, ensuring precise execution.

    Banking Essentials

    Post obtaining requisite permissions, we assist in establishing your corporate bank account, tackling all the necessary paperwork, whether with local or international banks, for your entrepreneurial needs.


    Whether it’s a mainland, free zone, or offshore venture, HA Group is a beacon of excellence in providing “business setup services in Dubai”, UAE. From paperwork to licensing, we cover all aspects of business foundation. HA Group is a name many businesses swear by when discussing “business setup in Dubai” or when searching for a Business Setup Company near me.

    Dubai, a global business hub, has been instrumental in elevating numerous businesses to prominence. UAE’s business-friendly federal regulations make Dubai a hotspot for those eyeing a promising business future.

    This thriving city, known for its advanced infrastructure, provides an excellent business environment. With favourable policies that fuel exponential business growth and the increasing influx of entrepreneurs to Dubai, the options to establish a Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore Company are diverse.

    Mainland Business Setup Dubai

    Mainland Business Setup Dubai The mainland is a prime choice for "business setup in Dubai." The benefits of establishing a mainland business include limitless business activities, no monetary restrictions, operational freedom throughout the UAE, swift employment visa processes, and more. Our "mainland business setup Dubai" services ensure your business is founded effortlessly.

    Business Setup in Dubai Freezone

    HA Group’s "business setup consultants in Dubai" adept at guiding entrepreneurs through launching businesses within the free zones in the UAE. Our services span from selecting the appropriate free zone for your venture, securing licenses, and trademark registration, to accounting. Trust our transparent guidance for a smooth "business setup in Dubai free zone.".

    Offshore Business Setup

    Offshore businesses in the UAE are a beacon of opportunity for global entrepreneurs. These international entities enjoy tax benefits while conducting operations outside the UAE. The perks of an offshore company in the UAE are manifold, including tax relief, operational flexibility, and funding accessibility. With HA Group Business Setup Services UAE by your side, offshore, mainland, or free zone business formation is a seamless endeavour, all at an economical rate.

    Cost of Starting a Business in Dubai, UAE

    Several factors influence the "business setup" cost. The total can vary depending on company type, license, visa requirements, location, and other associated fees. Elements like organisational structure, office leases, warehouses, paperwork, visa processing, and capital requirements also play a role. For a "Low-Cost business setup in Dubai,", consider free zones offering budget-friendly packages. With HA Group, you get unbeatable rates for company formation in both free zones and mainland regions with our free cost calculator, you can estimate the cost involved in different business types.


    Our promise? Unparalleled business formation services in the UAE. We tailor our offerings based on your needs, ensuring swift and efficient “business setup in Dubai”. With a deep understanding of UAE’s business rules and regulations, our professional team crafts the best path for your business growth. Our transparent dealings, unwavering dedication, and smooth processes make us a premier choice for “business setup services in Dubai” and this is what distinguishes us from other business setup companies in the UAE.

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